Wednesday, 12. August 2020

Plans approved and construction contract signed on 25th November, three years after winning the construction tender, for establishing a seventeen hectare (17 ha) industrial park at Câmpul Frumos (Szépmező). According to Antal Árpád András, mayor of Sfântu Gheorghe (Sepsiszentgyörgy), the park is the most important and profitable investment of the local government.

“A healthy society is based on a large middle class. For this reason, we think that the local government has to do everything in order to create new workplaces” – stated Antal Árpád András. The goal is to build Seklerland’s biggest industrial park in the near future. At first the industrial land will rest on seventeen hectares, but ten year-plans are made for an expansion up to fifty hectares, according to western models.  

Sztakics Éva, deputy mayor announced that the new industrial park with a total investment of 24,6 million RON would be built in twenty-six months. She added that it is also possible to put it into operation earlier as the prior completion deadline.

“This has two major consequences. On the one hand, the value of real estate in the  Câmpul Frumos (Szépmező) area will increase, and new jobs will be available for the residents. On the other hand, a more than 1000 m2 area will be arranged for assembling and storing the theater’s stage settings, so that the existing workshops in the town’s center can be moved here.”

In the new building specifically designed for stage setting assembly and storage, could give place to other theatres from the region, not only the Tamási Áron Hungarian State Theater. There will be twelve companies operating on the territory of the industrial estate and in two years it is expected to create a total number of four hundred fifty new work opportunities.

On Central Romanian Region level, there are five axles of development defined with contracts in a total value of 400 million euros and tenders handled for 106 projects with a total value higher than 73 million euros - reported Simion Creţu, director of the Central Regional Development Agency.

The total value of investment contracts regarding the development of Sfântu Gheorghe (Sepsiszentgyörgy) reaches 80 million RON, a considerable part of which, 54 million RON, was ratified in the framework of the Regional Operative Programme.  Simion Creţu noted that the biggest number of contracts signed in the context of the Local Regional Programme came into existence in collaboration with Antal Árpád András, mayor of Sfântu Gheorghe (Sepsiszentgyörgy) and the industrial park at Câmpul Frumos (Szépmező) is a top location for investments, a new chance for Seklerland’s industry.

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