Wednesday, 12. August 2020

The Szekler Gallop was held at Óriáspince Hill on 13-14 July for the third time. The two-day events major part was the riding, and the evenings were filled with cultural programs, where the local riders participated. Unlike the previous year, from this year, the races were held on both days, the middle rounds on Saturday, the final rounds on Sunday. The visitors were able to taste the traditional foods, a fair also took place all weekend, where people could choose from a wide variety of goods, such as jewelry, pots, traditional items, costumes, dresses, accessories etc.

Friday between the rounds there was a two and four carriage driving competition, a mere five-, and there was also archery presented by the Kassai Horseback Archery School, and his students the Sagittis Siculorum Association. A dance presentation took place in the Shagya Horse Club presentation. The afternoon was closed by the Óvári Gazdász Folk Ensemble.

On Saturday, the night was ended with the TűzTánc performance, which was a fire dance performance, enterpreted by Bársony Bálint and Németh Gábor „Némo”, Korzenszky Klára folk singer and the Honvéd Dance Theatre. The Háromszék Dance Ensemble and the M Studio also joined them. In the production also contributed the Szilaj Traditional Association and the Shagya Horse Club. The coreographer was Zsuráfszky Zoltán, the Honvéd Dance Theatres artistic director.

On Sunday, the day ended with the Nox ensembles performance.

The Semifinal winners are: 
1st Race: Sâncrăieni (Csíkszentkirály), André Monika, 18 years old, Herceg, 8-year-old gray gelding
2nd Race: Târgu Secuiesc (Kézdivásárhely), Bodi Albert, 43 years old, Iman, 9-year-old bay Arabian stallion
3rd Race: Sfântu Gheorghe (Sepsiszentgyörgy), Bagoly Szabolcs, 27 years old, Alkony, 5-year-old English-bred bay mare
4th Race: Miercurea Ciuc (Csíkszereda), Márton Gréta, 19 years old, Orszon, 11-year-old English-bred bay gelding

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