Wednesday, 12. August 2020

The International Folk Dance Festival and Autumn Fair was held in Sfântu Gheorghe (in Hungarian: Sepsiszentgyörgy) at 21-22 September this year for the second time. Many traditional occupations, crafts, folk music and folk concerts, local culinary specialties, wine tasting, pumpkin exhibition and activities for kids, mineral water exhibition were located in the city center.
The dance festival was organized by the Cultural Center of Covasna County. Traditional dances were presented from Croatia, Moldova and also traditional Greek and Turkish dances were brought to the stage as well.

The atmosphere was absolutely rustic, filled with joy and amazement. The visitors were taken back to the past with the help of the traditional music, the costumes, the smell of the traditional food, the beautiful handmade jewelries, and the smell of fresh straw. The organizers were paying special attention to the children. Although the weather was poor and a bit rainy, it could not ruin the children fun, they were still playing in the straw. There was also a handcrafted carousel waiting the children with its baskets and wooden horses. Toma and his team from Hungary brought their traditional games, and they were teaching the children to play all weekend long.

This year`s highlight was the pinhole photographer which was joyful even for the adults as well. It was unexpected, creative and even unbelievable that with the help of such a simple instrument, photos can be made.

The performers of the fair were: The Fabatka Quartet, the Codex ensemble, the Muzsikás ensemble, the Kanara ensemble, Nadara Transylvanian Gypsy Band etc.

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