Wednesday, 12. August 2020

This year Sepsiszentgyörgy is the Cultural and Youth Capital of Sekler Land. The year-round series of programs entitled “Cultural and Youth Capital of Sekler Land” has been organized on behalf of the Mayor’s Office and the City Council’s order. The program series starts off tomorrow, on the 3rd of March. Te initiator of the event, Veres-Nagy Tímea, reported yesterday, within the confines of a press conference, about the programs of the opening event.

– Eleven youth organizations will begin to work together, we will practically furnish the event’s framework so that the organizations could present themselves on the one hand, and entertain the city’s youth along with each other on the other hand – announced Veres-Nagy Tímea.

The office of the event series, the Youth Resource Center, will officially be opened tomorrow as well, that will deal with the management of the programs, and will also be the collection site of all the ideas, received all around the year, meant to boost the life of the youth. The Resource Center will be installed in the ground floor office of the Lábas Ház.

The programs will begin tomorrow at 6pm: a civil cavalcade will take place on the square situated in front of the Tamási Áron Theatre where youth organizations will present themselves and will also prepare a surprise. In addition, fire dance, flamenco, minigolf, folk dance, jazz, musical instrument fabrication, light music and other interesting activities will await the citizen. The organizers request the enquirers to bring along a youthful photography with them. This idea is linked to the „Let us create together the youth profile of Sepsiszentgyörgy” program.

The year of Cultural and Youth Capital will be opened up at 8pm by Antal Árpád András, Mayor of Sepsiszentgyörgy and Tamás Sándor, chairman of the County Council. The opening ceremony will continue with a concert of the Under Cover Band. Additional programs of the night: 9pm – folk dance house and folk pub in the Bástya restaurant, 9pm – Free Conncetion concert in the Tein Teahouse, 9:30pm – party in the Crown club with the contribution of the local Friss Fm radio and the Tein Teahouse.

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