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The Szent György days return in 2012. The cultural week will be extended with one more day, the program lasting from the 21st until the 29th of April this year. Similar to the previous years the weekend festival will be preceded by a cultural week that will begin with the traditional opening concert on Saturday (instead of the already accustomed Sunday), April the 21st. The events of the cultural week augur to be of high quality and entertaining at the same time. This week is the Szent György days’ “front runner” during which the stages of Sepsiszentgyörgy’s cultural institutions give space to the appearance of well-known and successful artists. There will be classical music concerts, children performances, and a vast number of theatrical performances this year as well. Theatre lovers will be given the possibility to attend, among others, the following successful plays: Dan Gordon: Rain Man (directed by Anger Zsolt, starring Kulka János – Kossuth-award winning actor, Nagy Ervin – film actor, Kézdy György and Cseh Judit; the artists of the Hungarian National Theatre will perform on April the 22nd from 5pm and 8pm in the Tamási Áron Theatre’s great hall); the Bandy girls (a Bandy-lányok) musical drama (directed by Ascher Tamás – Kossuth and Jászai-award winning director, play written by Parti Nagy Lajos Kossuth-award winning poet and playwright; starring Hernádi Judit and Udvaros Dorottya; the artists will perform on April the 23rd from 5pm and 8:30pm in the Tamási Áron Theatre’s great hall).

Furthermore the program will also include craft fair and Cultural Garden (mostly with folk, ethno, jazz and world music concerts). Three stages will be set up for the performers: on the Szabadság (Liberty) Square, on the Sepsiszentgyörgy Sqaure and in the yard of the Székely National Museum. According to Grubisics Levente, the festival’s director, this year’s program will be much clearer, because last year there have been many indications pointing out the fact that as a result of the programs’ consistency people have had difficulties in getting to each and every event. However this does not mean that the composition of the program will be poorer, it just means that a bigger emphasis will be put on providing the enquirers the possibility to get to each event in time.

The main guest of this year’s Szent György days will be the famous Omega band from Hungary that will start its tour in Saint George on the 29th of April and will end it in September in Budapest. Other significant guests: Iris, Republik, Hooligans, Irigy Hónaljmirigy, Taxi, Cry Free – Deep Purple’s Favourite Tribute Band, Holdviola, Boban&Marko Markovic Orchestra and many more.
The full program of the 21st Szent György days will be soon available online on

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