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The large scale theatrical event, organized for the 2nd time by the Tamási Áron Theatre, the City Council and the County Council of Sepsiszentgyörgy, will take place during the period 16-29 March, 2012.

In the past two decades one of the Tamási Áron Theatre’s most significant objectives has been to spread and promote the values of contemporary theatrical culture among the audience of our city. On the grounds of its public’s openness and susceptibilty to the values of contemporary theatre Sepsiszentgyörgy is considered to be one of the most significant centres of the Hungarian and Romanian theatrical culture.

Since the 1960s this small town of the Sekler territory had a significant artistic tradition. With serious support from the local authorities a series of programs meant to strengthen and bring the town's artistic life into a European connection have been organized. Among these the REFLEX International Theatre Biennale is especially important thanks to its country-wide notoriety and international outlook. With its Central European perspective and highlight agenda the REFLEX festival offers an outlook to Hungarian theatre professionals and accesses contemporary theatrical values currently unavailable within Hungarian theatrical events.

In the European panorama of theatre festivals the REFLEX International Theatre Biennale's uniqueness is given by its area of interest. It intends to be a mainly Central European review within the European theatrical culture. Very few of the region's festivals have similar conceptions. Our goal is to establish an event that reviews productions from Central Europe, each awarded by their own cultures, to compare the theatrical solutions to similar problems in a region of a unique historical, political and social background and by doing that, to become a representative review of all Eastern and Central European theatre.

The purpose of this second edition of the festival is to take in the contemporary theatrical tendencies, the cutting edge of a present-day European theatre searching for new paths and forms.

The first edition brought eight award-winning plays from five countries: Romania, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and, from Berlin, the world-famous Deutsches Theater's production of Oreszteia, directed by Michael Thalheimer.
The creators of the festival’s selected plays arrive from big cities of countries like Germany, Egypt, Italy, France, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary and Romania. In addition, the festival welcomes such world famous directors like Stefan Kaegi, Krystian Lupa, Oskaras Korsunovas, Herbert Fritsch or Emma Dante, whose “Sud Costa Occidentale” drama group has never been in Romania or Hungary so far. The event’s guest of honor will be the Kossuth-award winning and 2 time Jászai Mari-award winning actress Törőcsik Mari. Moreover the world famous Bălănescu Quartet will perform a concert on the festival’s first day.
The REFLEX festival’s 2nd edition deploys to the previous locations new ones as well. The program encompassing a wider spectrum and much more titles mobilizes the city’s entire performing arts infrastructure. In this manner, plays will be performed at the following locations: the Tamási Áron Theatre’s great hall and chamber hall, the Lajtha László Studio Room, the Trade Unions’ Cultural House and the Tamási Áron Theatre’s new studio room, which will be opened with the occasion of the REFLEX festival.

The Maecenas season tickets have been created for the theatre loving audience this year again to support the festival and to contribute to its creation in the future as well.

The event’s official website is the following:

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